Companion Animal What to Expect if Your Dog or Cat Needs a Dental Extraction

Dental extractions are a common veterinary surgical procedure. Whenever possible, vets will try to s...

Oct 27 • 2 min read
Halloween Pet Safety Halloween Safety Tips 8 worst toxic foods to avoid for Dogs and Cats

Among the top Halloween safety tips pet parents need to know, candy cautions rank high. That is why ...

Oct 22 • 2 min read
Companion Animal Common Dog Training Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Training your dog is an important responsibility that will help your pet learn the skills they need ...

Oct 20 • 2 min read
Exotic Animal How Do Parrots Mimic Speech?

Have you wondered how parrots can mimic human sounds while most other birds cannot? The answer may n...

Oct 13 • 3 min read
Feline-only Cure Your Cat’s Boredom With Environmental Enrichment

Like humans, animals also need mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy. Cats are no exceptio...

Oct 6 • 3 min read


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