In order to best serve our patients and the people who love them while keeping our team members safe, we want to reassure you that our team is taking every recommended precaution in order to continue to provide your pet with the highest quality care you’ve come to expect.

We want you to feel comfortable bringing your pet to Coastal Animal Clinic during these turbulent times. We are making some temporary changes and taking the following steps to assure you of our commitment to you and your pet:

  • When you arrive at the clinic you have the option of dropping off your pet at the door and then parking your car so you don't have to take your pet through a busy parking lot to come in the building.  Same goes for leaving.  We are happy to hold your pet till you bring your car to the front of the building to retrieve your pet.
  • The door to our clinic is locked as a safety feature to limit any animal from accidently pushing on the door and escaping into the parking lot.
  • Upon entering the clinic the Client Care Coordinator will greet you and check you in having you sign an authorization to provide care and getting a weight on your pet. (The techs will take weights on cats or puppies) The Client Care Coordinator will then put you in a room.
  • Next a veterinary nurse will come directly to your room and take your pets photo, scan your pet for a microchip, take a history, noting any specific issues you want your doctor to examine. Go over the estimate of charges expected for the visit and have you sign the estimate of charges.  The veterinary nurse will then take your pet to the back for vital signs and temperature, bring the pet back to you and then communicate with your doctor. The doctor will then work with your veterinary nurse to examine the pet in the room.
  • The doctor will then review their exam findings, answer any additional questions or seek additional information to help them provide the best care for your pet. You and your doctor will create a treatment plan for your pet based on his/her needs.
  • The veterinary nurse will then review the treatment plan (including costs) and have you sign the updated estimate (if needed) and will work with the doctor to perform all of the treatments.
  • Once complete, the veterinary nurse will review all medications/treatments, make any follow up appointments, and take payment for services rendered. Occasionally the veterinary nurse may send you to the Client Care Coordinator to schedule follow up appointment and take payment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a team member at our office.

We are actively monitoring developments related to animals and the virus, and you can find the latest updated information about COVID-19 as it relates to pets on the AVMA’s coronavirus page. For general information and recommendations regarding COVID-19, please refer to the CDC coronavirus page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, (813) 644-3961.


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