Professional Dog & Cat Grooming in Tampa

Grooming is about much more than simply helping your dog or cat look beautiful. It's an important component of your pet's healthcare. That's why Coastal Animal Clinic Tampa offers grooming services for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. From bathing to haircuts and nail trims to ear cleanings, you can count on us to provide the comprehensive care your pet deserves.

We tailor our services to your pet and their unique needs. You can count on us to provide gentle care that helps them feel comfortable while they're with us. Whether they need special care for age or health conditions, we'll treat your pet with kindness and consideration while we help them look and feel their best. Schedule an appointment today and let us pamper your pet with quality grooming services!


Our Tampa Dog & Cat Grooming Services

We know how important your pet's health and well-being are to you as a member of your family. You can count on our staff to provide services that promote wellness and keep them looking and feeling great!

We offer grooming services in various packages so you can select the one that meets your pet's needs. Our staff will discuss the options with you beforehand to ensure your pet's grooming treatment is specifically planned out for them. Our practice is equipped to perform a wide variety of grooming treatments, including:

Baths (Regular & De-shedding)

Baths help pets remove dirt and potential irritants from their coats and leave them clean and fresh. We use top-quality shampoos to bathe your pet while being mindful of their health needs. If your pet has a skin condition, we can use a medicated shampoo that will provide relief and promote their well-being. We also use a white shampoo for all dogs and cats with white coats so that they can look their best.

Our practice provides both regular baths and de-shedding baths for pets more prone to shed, including those with a double coat. We'll also brush your pet's coat thoroughly to remove loose hair and keep them from becoming tangled.

Trimming and shaping a pet's coat is an important aspect of grooming and must be done with care. Many pets' coats have unique qualities that, if poorly groomed, could negatively impact the look and feel of their coat in the future. We are familiar with the wide variety of breeds and their coats and know how to care for them effectively. We can give your pet a simple trim or shape their coat according to breed standards or your preferred style. Our staff can also shave down matted fur to alleviate the health risks caused by a matted coat.

A dog's nails grow continuously throughout its life. They can quickly become overgrown, especially if the dog is older or less active. Our groomers can provide nail trims to keep them in good shape and make walking and running more comfortable for your pet. We use various tools and techniques to trim your dog's nails effectively. We know that some dogs can get nervous about having their nails trimmed, and we do all we can to make the process as low-stress as possible.

A pet's ears need consistent cleaning to avoid the waxy buildup that could otherwise lead to ear infections. This is especially true of pets with hanging ears, such as spaniels or hounds. We know how to clean your pet's ears safely and effectively to promote their health.

A dog's anal glands normally empty themselves naturally, but some dogs may have difficulties that cause the glands to become full or impacted, which can even become infected if left untreated. Our staff can express the dog's glands carefully with gentle massaging to provide your pet with relief and safeguard their health.

With our grooming packages, we can provide a single service or a combination of services depending on your pet's needs. Whether your pet is a cat or dog, young or old, you can count on our staff to make them feel safe and comfortable during treatment. When you visit us for grooming, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the same love and care you would give them at home!

Why Choose a Vet for Pet Grooming?

You can count on a veterinarian to have all aspects of your pet's wellness in mind when providing a grooming service. We take the time and care to see that your pet's particular needs are seen to. Moreover, if we notice any signs of possible health concerns during grooming, we can alert you and discuss next steps with you. Best of all, you and your pet will know they're receiving care in a safe environment from a team that knows them and treats them well.

How Often Should My Pet Be Groomed?

tampa dog grooming, cat grooming tampa flMany factors determine how frequently your pet should receive grooming. A grooming schedule that's too infrequent could expose your pet to health risks, such as matted fur and overgrown nails. However, having too many grooming sessions in a short period can also negatively impact your pet's skin and coat.

Our staff will consider your pet's breed, coat, health situation, and lifestyle to help you determine which type of grooming they require and how often they should visit for grooming. You can count on us to answer your questions honestly and only make recommendations that are in your pet's best interests.

Your Home for Cat & Dog Grooming in Tampa

Whether you have an active pet who's prone to bringing home dirt from outdoor play or a pet whose long, beautiful coat needs expert care, our staff at Coastal Animal Clinic Tampa provides dog and cat grooming to help them live their best life. After a grooming session with us, your pet will look fresh, clean, and excited to greet the world! We do our best to help your pet feel right at home from the moment they come through our doors, and our grooming service is no exception. Let us give your pets the care they deserve. Schedule your visit today!




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