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It can be easy to forget that your pet's dental health plays a crucial role in their overall well-being. Dental complications can not only impair your pet's ability to properly bite and chew but lead to life-threatening diseases. At Coastal Animal Clinic Tampa, we're proud to offer excellent dental services for cats and dogs, including teeth cleaning and tooth extractions.

We've been a trusted cat and dog dentist to Tampa residents for years. Our veterinary team will treat your pet with the kindness and respect they deserve during their visit. We look forward to meeting you and learning how we can help your pet's smile look and feel its best. Call us today to schedule your pet's next appointment with our knowledgeable and compassionate veterinary team!


3 Benefits of Dental Services for Pets

If you're undecided whether dental services are right for your pet, our team is here for you. During your initial visit, we'll take the time to outline some of the benefits your pet will experience with our dental services. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Preventing Tooth Loss: When you bring in your pet for regular dental cleanings, you're keeping your pet's teeth free from plaque and tartar, which can break down tooth enamel and leave no other option but extraction.
  2. Keeping Bad Breath Away: Bad breath can make it challenging to give your pet the love and attention they deserve. Dental services ensure that your pet's breath is as pleasant as possible and their mouth is healthy.
  3. Avoiding Organ Damage: Bacteria on the surface of your pet's teeth can penetrate its enamel and enter its bloodstream. When this happens, bacteria can spread throughout their body and damage their organs, including their heart, kidneys, and liver. Regular dental services ensure that bacteria on their teeth is eliminated.

Skilled & Gentle Dental Cleanings

When you bring in your dog or cat to get their teeth cleaned, the process is slightly different than when a human gets their teeth cleaned. We'll begin by placing your pet under anesthesia which helps prevent them from experiencing anxiety or hurting themselves during treatment. Our team will closely monitor their vital signs and condition to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

From there, our Tampa dog and cat dentist will carefully clean each of their teeth. Not only will we remove any plaque and tartar, but we will floss their teeth to remove any debris from between their teeth and gums. Once we're finished, we'll monitor your pet as the anesthesia wears off so that you can take them home safely.

Detecting Gum Disease

A crucial component of our dental services is detecting gum disease or periodontitis. Gum disease is a severe infection of the gums that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports teeth, leading to tooth loss. Gum disease is common, especially in older pets, and is the result of poor oral hygiene and is preventable with regular brushing and dental checkups.

Our practice uses x-ray technology to closely examine your pet's smile to see if their teeth have been affected by gum disease and, if so, how severely. If we notice that a tooth is unable to be saved, we can perform gentle extractions to relieve your pet of pain and ensure that the tooth doesn't cause further dental complications. Additionally, we can use our x-ray technology to detect masses in your pet's smile and decide if biopsy and removal are the suitable options for them.

Helping You Care for Your Pet at Home

Tampa cat & dog dentistIt's vital that you take the time to care for your pet's smile in the comfort of your own home. Not only can you help keep their oral health in good condition but monitor their smile for signs of dental complications. Our Tampa dog and cat dentist will take the time to show you how to brush your pet's teeth, as well as recommend products that can help maintain their oral health, including cleansing water and dental chews. We encourage you to ask any questions that come to mind so that you have the information you need to care for your pet's smile away from our veterinary practice.

A Tampa Cat & Dog Dentist You Can Trust

Whether you have a dog or a cat, our veterinary practice has the skills and experience to provide them with excellent dental services in Tampa. Our team can handle everything from routine teeth cleanings to gum disease detection and treatment. We're committed to helping your pet feel as relaxed as possible during their appointment. Contact us today to schedule your pet's next visit and take the first step toward helping them get the healthy smile they deserve!




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